Learn Spanish for Real: Spanish Slang, Colloquialisms, & Cursewords

Here I’ll teach you Spanish slang, colloquialisms, and even naughty words from all around the Spanish-speaking world!  Learn conversational Spanish and talk like native speakers do every day.  I use real-life examples from my own travels and interactions with native speakers from Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Chile as well as TV shows, movies, YouTube videos, books, news stories, and more.  Like what?

How about a common expression from Spain that means that something is very far away: “estar en el quinto pino” (literally, “to be at the fifth pine tree”)?  It originates from the early days of the city of Madrid when one of the main avenues, the Paseo del Prado, had a line of pine trees down the median, and the fifth one was on the very outskirts of the city and was where people would go for secret meetings, either those involving business or politics, or those between lovers, either those without the approval of their parents or those who were having affairs.  That’s “Learn Spanish for Real” number six, scroll down and click on it to learn more!

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