learn spanish from youtubeProfessor Jason is a channel that just directly teaches Spanish (and some Brazilian Portuguese), that is you just get a series of Spanish lessons on particular subjects (e.g. preterite, subjunctive, irregular verb conjugations, etc.).  There are many of those.  The reason I’m featuring this one is because:

  • It’s straightforward and clear, easy to understand.
  • He doesn’t babble or carry on for too long.  This doesn’t mean the videos aren’t long sometimes, e.g. his video on why and when to use the subjunctive is 38 minutes long, but I thought it was quite good and it’s one of his most popular videos.  This kind of reminds me of R for Russian’s video that teaches the entire Russian alphabet all in one go and lasts 2 1/2 hours but still manages to hold your attention the whole time, leaves you feeling like you really did just learn the whole Russian alphabet in 2 1/2 hours, and is consequently very popular.
  • He’s not in any way irritating.  This is very subjective, but many YouTube language teachers will do things that some people like (usually in order to keep your attention or help you remember things) but which others find very annoying, whether it’s their odd vocal intonation, over the top fake enthusiasm, goofy graphics, or just an odd format.  He doesn’t do anything like that, he just clearly teaches you the lesson at hand as quickly as possible but takes all the time he needs in order to do so well – like I said, his videos aren’t necessarily short but there’s almost no wasted time or unnecessary babbling or diatribes, it’s all straight to the point with lots of good, relevant examples.

Recommended Videos

Those are just a few I noticed, thought covered subjects that people would like (particularly that one on ‘to become’ in Spanish, that’s a really common problem native English speakers have and which I haven’t seen anyone else address), and which I thought explained well the topic at hand.

Hope you guys like it, let me know what you think in the comments.



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