I thought I’d do something a bit shorter today, especially since I’ve got another post scheduled to come out in a couple hours (I use a short comedy sketch on YouTube to teach you some Spanish, definitely keep an eye out for it!), so I’m going to briefly recommend you a YouTube channel I’ve had an eye on for a while: Spanishland School.

The channel is run by Andrea Alger, who is Colombian, and her American husband, Nate.  The videos overwhelmingly feature Andrea since she’s the native Spanish speaker.  I’ve kept a weather eye on them for a couple of years now and noticed how consistent they’ve been in putting out content and how the quality of that content has consistently increased.  I’ve embedded one of their most popular videos about Colombian slang there below so you can have a look.

Beyond the videos, the actual service they seem to be offering is a monthly membership that gets you weekly group lessons and also includes some exclusive bonuses (podcasts, videos, transcripts, etc.).  I have not sampled any of this and therefore cannot comment on it much beyond that, I’m mainly recommending their YouTube videos because they’re quite good for anyone in the A1-B1 stages (that’s complete beginner to low intermediate on the CEFR scale).  They also have a free podcast called Españolistos you can check out and which I presume is available on the common podcast networks.

If anybody wants to add anything else about them you think is missing, if you’ve taken their courses or had other experience with them, please leave a comment.  I hope that helps you and you have a good day (weekend’s almost here, just hang on a bit longer!).



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