The Best Way to Learn a Language is to Imitate Native Speakers: Imitate Them in Movies, YouTube Videos, Music, etc.

No, this isn’t easy, no it won’t make you fluent in a month (nothing will, stop that nonsense), but it does work and it is a ton of fun if you do it right!

Remember: You can always trust a man with a dog.

Remember: You can always trust a man with a dog.

Hi, I’m Andrew (with Bosley, yes named after the character from Charlie’s Angels), and I help people learn languages for a living – I even wrote a best-selling book about it (not asking you to buy it but I understand it’ll lend me some credibility and hopefully 30 seconds of your time – check it out here on Amazon if you like).  Learning a language from popular media in that language, media made by and for native speakers (movies, YouTube videos, music, etc.), is a great way to learn that language.  I suspect you already intuitively know this: the way a language is spoken by native speakers in videos and movies is generally how that language is spoken by native speakers in real life (period dramas excepting: I’m not advocating anyone learn English from Shakespeare).

Learning a language this way is easy, effective, and fun…but learning how to do it is not.

Let me help you.  I help people learn languages full time via my blogs, newsletter, and videos.  Sign up below and we’ll immediately get started.

Learn Spanish from Popular Media (movies, TV shows, music videos, books, even comics!) Using Online Resources Like YouTube and Netflix - I'll Show You How!

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