Just wanted to write a very short post today to introduce you to this fantastic free resource I discovered a while back and forgot about: LyricsTraining.com.  Here’s how it works, it’s very simple…

They have music videos in various languages from YouTube embedded on their site (yes, you can sort by language, of course).  The idea of the site is to help people learn languages using these videos.  They know that you need the lyrics themselves in the language being spoken (as I’ve often reiterated: you need a transcript or subtitles in the language spoken, not an English translation of it) since this allows you to look up any words you don’t know, plus it lets you play their little game on there that gets you to review and practice what you know via recalling it on demand in order to interpret the language being spoken by an actual native speaker. Fantastic!  That’s exactly how you ought to be learning a foreign language.

The way it works, and I’ve put a short video below demonstrating it for you, is that as the music video plays the lyrics are shown below it in subtitles with some of the words left blank and you have to fill them in – how many are left blank is determined by you when you choose from one of four difficulty levels.  Check it out:

(I’ve also published this video on my YouTube channel if you’d prefer to view it that way)

I hope that helps you guys out and you find it to be a valuable resource, as best I can tell everything on there is free to use (alert me in the comments if you find otherwise).  Oh!  And by the way, if you’re at all interested in using things like Spanish-language music videos, TV shows, movies, books, and more to learn Spanish from, be sure to check out The Telenovela Method, it’s a book I wrote that that will show you how to do precisely that (it’s over 200 pages long and includes over 7 hours of me demonstrating all the techniques I teach)!

Let me know what you think in the comments!



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