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Thanks so much for subscribing, as soon as you confirm your subscription (you’ve got an e-mail about it, this is a spam-prevention measure to make sure the people getting the e-mails really genuinely want them) I’ll be getting my list of the Top 33 free online Spanish-learning resources out to you straight away.  Here are a bunch of the most popular posts here on my site that you might enjoy:

Music and Music Videos

Ok, my most popular posts by far, that this blog has kind of become famous for, are the Shakira posts: that is, I take a music video (mostly Shakira so far, though I’ve also done a Juanes one and will do ones by many different artists in the future) and completely dissect it.  What this means is that I put a full translation up next to the lyrics and then explain all the Spanish that’s going on, the grammar, vocabulary, idioms, slang, expressions, little colloquial things specific only to a certain regional dialect of Spanish (such as Shakira’s Costeña/Barranquilla style), etc.  These posts are very long and detailed and you can learn a TON of Spanish from them, here are the ones I’ve done so far, I highly, highly recommend you check these out:

Learning Spanish from Music Videos: Shakira’s ‘La Tortura’ Dissected

Learning Spanish From Music Videos: Shakira’s ‘Suerte’

Learning Spanish from Music Videos: Shakira’s “Ojos Así”

Learning Spanish from Music Videos: Shakira’s ‘Te Aviso, Te Anuncio’ aka ‘Objection (Tango)’

Learning Spanish from Music Videos: Juanes’ ‘Yerbatero’ Dissected

I’m currently working on another Shakira song, and that post should be up in a week or two, and there will be many more after that including other Spanish-language artists, so if this interests you and you’d like to know when new ones come out, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed (click me!).

Movies and TV!

I wrote up an entire post dedicated to how to use Spanish-language TV shows and movies to learn Spanish called: The Telenovela Method of Learning Spanish, plus I put together the most comprehensive and accurate (no dead links! unlike every other list I checked…) list of websites where you can watch streaming Spanish-language TV online for free here: List of Best Free Sites to Watch Spanish-Language TV Online.

I can’t possibly tell you how valuable listening to real, contemporary Spanish-language media like music, movies, and TV shows are.  It gives you insight into the culture and how the language is actually used by real native speakers right now, today.  If you want to be able to communicate with real people using Spanish, this sort of stuff is one of your best possible learning resources.  A related post that delves a bit more into why exactly it works so well you can see here: Why Listening is SO Important – Even If You Don’t Understand a Word!

Learning to Sound Like a Native

I’ve done several very comprehensive (read: long, but good) posts about all the little sayings, phrases, and words that natives will use in everyday speech that you’ll never learn in a textbook, such as:

How to Respond in Spanish Like a Native: Comebacks and Colloquial Responses

Spanish Sentence Starters and Filler Words (Muletillas): The Grease of the Language Gears

Manners in Spanish – The Basics of Being Polite in Spanish-Speaking Cultures

How to Not Sound Like a Gringo – The 17 Most Common Spanish Errors and How to Avoid Them

My Favorite, and Most Common, Gringo Error in Spanish (aka “false friend”)

Grammar, Syntax, and Learning Vocabulary

I don’t do too much with this since I’m not a big advocate of learning a lot of formal grammar or doing a whole lot of vocabulary memorization, but it is something that does need to be covered to some degree, and I especially recommend the first post below about how many words you really ‘need’ to know to be proficient in a language:

How Many Words Do You Need to Know in Spanish (or any other foreign language)? And WHICH Words Should You Be Learning?

The Beautiful Simplicity of Spanish Verbs in Chart Form

Some quick advice on using Anki

How Much Grammar and Syntax Terminology Do I Need to Know?

What Should You Start With? Grammar, Vocabulary, Basic Expressions, Everything?!!

The Spanish Subjunctive Explained + W.E.I.R.D.O System (awesome little mnemonic device for dealing with the subjunctive in Spanish)

General Language-Learning Advice, Tips, and Techniques

Below I just cover some general advice on teaching yourself a language such as motivation, how to structure things, how long to study, some various learning techniques, etc.:

What’s the Hardest Part? Speaking, Listening, Reading, or Writing? Where to Start?

A Quick Tip on Learning a Language In-Country

How Long Should I Study Every Day? How to Schedule It?

Linear vs. Global Learning – What’s Your Style?

The Scriptorium Method by Professor Arguelles

What Does It Mean to Be Fluent in a Language? Fluency Levels Don’t Really Exist

Why Listening is SO Important – Even If You Don’t Understand a Word!

Motivation: You Don’t Need a Shark, But You Do Need Something

Fascinating Interview with an Italian Polyglot

How Did YOU Get Fluent?

Weird, Goofy, Funny, and Miscellaneous

Below are just some posts I’ve made about interesting observations and realizations I’ve had concerning language-learning in general, plus some oddball stuff about Spanish in particular:

President Obama Wants You to Learn Spanish (short video)

The Top 22 Ways You Know You’re a Language Nerd…

English Channel = Canal de la Mancha = “Canal of the spot” = Funny Story

Funny Search Phrases that Brought People to My Site

To Have a Second Language is to Have a Second Soul


Ok, well that’s it, those are just about all the posts I’ve ever done.  If you like what you see here please consider subscribing to my RSS feed, and/or my Twitter feed.  Thank you, seriously, for taking the time to read this (I imagine it took at least 10 minutes out of your day), I really hope that I’ve helped you towards your goal of learning Spanish–learning languages is something I’m more passionate and enthusiastic about than nearly anything else, and I really love it when someone else feels the same way and especially when I can help them.



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