Hey guys, I just wanted to quickly let you know of a fantastic offer I only just became aware of.  I don’t often send you straight up product promotions but I’m going to go ahead and do it today because this is a quality product that works great, I’ve repeatedly said that before (click here to read my review of Rocket Spanish), and this is a HUGE discount they’re offering: 60% off. For the next 2 days (until midnight on Monday) OR the first 1000 courses they sell (whichever comes first, so yeah you need to hurry and grab this if you want it) they’re giving you a 60% discount on all of their products, every single course.  Here are the links to them, get them while you can:

Click here to check out Rocket Spanish and get it (maybe, if you’re fast enough) at 60% off.

Other languages they do if you’re interested (discount also applies):

And several others including Russian, Arabic, Hindi, American Sign Language, Korean, Portuguese, and English (just follow one of the links above and then click on “Rocket Languages” in the upper left hand corner of the page to go to their homepage and find them). *Important Note: You MUST use the coupon code “LABOR” at checkout in order to receive your discount.  Don’t forget! I really hope this doesn’t bother too many people, I don’t want to do this very often and come off as spammy but this is a great product at a huge discount so I hope enough people appreciate the heads up that it’s worth it.



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