Welcome to your "Tipos de Hermanos" Quiz.

The verb, "gorronear" means what?

When someone is described using the adjective, "gorrón" (for a man) or "gorrona" (for a woman), what does this imply about them?

"La ropa tendida" are clothes that...

If someone is "adoptado" (for males) or "adoptada" (for females), that means they are .

"La hermana gemela" means "the sister".

"El herman competitivo" is "the brother".

These next two are a bit harder, don't feel bad if you don't get them.

"Ganar" literally means "to ".

"Te he " is how you say "I beat you" (like at a game).

What does "maldición" mean?  Here's the context from the video for a clue:

"Por favor, mátala y líbrame de esta maldición"

When someone in the video yells, "¡Tomaaaaaaa!", what does it mean in that context?

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