Soft “j”, that’s how.

Colombians pronounce the double-L and y as a soft j sound, like the j in “jay”, e.g. “llegar” = “jay-gar”, “yo” = “joe”, etc.

This is in contrast with the traditional pronunciation of those two sounds that you’ll hear in Spain as well as some other countries where they’re both pronounced with a y sound, e.g. “yo” is pronounced the same way it would be in English, “llegar” is pronounced “yay-gar”, etc.

And then there’s Argentina…Che.

They pronounce those two sounds as either (depending on region) a “ch” or a “sh” sound, e.g. “llegar” is pronounced “chay-gar” or “shay-gar”, “yo” is pronounced either “cho” or “show”.

Here’s a great video (short, ~1min) of two men, one from Spain and the other from Argentina, demonstrating the differences in their pronunciation.

And here’s an audio recording of a Colombian saying “pollo” (which means “chicken”).  Sorry, I couldn’t find a video of Colombians demonstrating this particular aspect of their dialect.

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I hope that was interesting, there will be more to come in this series.  I’m just wrapping up my trip to Colombia (leaving for Chile in a little more than a week) so I’ve got plenty of material to write about, also…  If you thought the above was at all useful and you want to learn (or are learning) Spanish, please give me a chance and read what I have to say about my book below!  Thank you so much for checking out my blog and I hope you’ve enjoyed my writing.

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