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Funny Search Phrases that Brought People to My Site

This has precisely nothing to do with learning Spanish, I just hadn’t posted in a while and felt bad (yes, I’ve got something I’m working on, should be up in a few days, I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy with other business), and I was going through my analytics data and ended up looking at the various keywords that people used to get here when they come in via a search engine such as Google, and some of them are just really funny and it’s 3 AM and I’m bored so screw it why not–I hope you get some amusement out of these like I did:

what is the 10 words u need to know in spanish

I, too, wish someone would tell me what these 10 magical words are.

i give up at learning spanish

Well damn, I’m sorry.  Keep trying?

a list of every single spanish word

I have spare time–I don’t, however, have that much spare time. Sorry.

A quick side note: if you’re learning Spanish or thinking about doing so, you need to know about this…

I’ve got an entire book about how to put together your own personal, custom Spanish-learning system that’s based on using online resources (mostly free) and Spanish-language popular media such as TV shows, movies, books, etc.  It’s designed especially for beginners and intermediate learners, it shows you how to get started right by learning modern, normal, everyday spoken Spanish (what native speakers actually use to talk to each other in most common situations) so that you’re learning the most useful type of Spanish and not something outdated or overly formal like what you might find in a textbook.  The biggest emphasis, however, is having fun because if you don’t do that then odds are extremely good you will fail because the most common reason people fail to learn a language is that they get bored and frustrated and then they quit!  If you get to choose whatever TV show, movie, or book in Spanish that seems like it would be interesting and/or entertaining to you, and then use it to teach yourself Spanish, how could that not be fun?!  In this guide I even include 4 lists, each in its own appendix at the rear, of all the free online resources you will ever need as well as a review of many of them and information on how to use them.  If this sounds like something that might interest you, please check out my book here on Amazon.

Ok, pardon my sales pitch (doing that sort of thing is how I’m able to provide you with this kind of free content and not run any sort of ads on this site, by the way), on with the rest of the article!

not look like a gringo

Don’t wear shorts in Latin America, that will solve 95% of your gringo-ness problem right there.

video of someone saying teaching spanish


Does “fluent” mean perfect?


any advice if you want to learn but you can’t, you don’t have any motivation to learn

Then you’re screwed. Give up.

saint trump pido


trilled r gringo

I can see how this led them here, but I’m still quite confused about what precisely it was they were looking for and what led them to come up with that particular search phrase in the first place.

como pasar a plural that is an interesting painting


teaching spanish going food shopping

I’m genuinely confused about what it is you want here.

should i study everyday all day

Yes…and all night…and while you’re on the toilet…and in the shower…and while having sex…upside down…like a bat….and don’t forget to record it and put it on YouTube for us.

what is the word spanish people always say like shit

I don’t know but I’d like to now: what is the word that Spanish people always say like shit? Anyone know? If you do, please indulge the rest of us and leave a comment.

Andrew the odd learn Spanish blog

Holy shit I’m famous!!! (ok, all of 1 person used that phrase, but still…I was excited)

cheesy spanish soap operas with preterite

Well, that’s…specific.

And…the very best for last…

i want to be fluent in spanish already damn it

Well you’ve come to the right place!!! Not only do we get fluent in Spanish here, but we curse, too, damnit!! :D

I hope you’ve had fun.  I’ll get some proper posts up soon, I promise.

A Quick Note Before We End…

I’ve got two posts that I’ve put up that I’m recommending everyone interested in learning Spanish go read if they haven’t already (if you have, ignore this, sorry): How to avoid wasting months learning Spanish the wrong way (basically this is my “how to get started right in learning Spanish” post for complete beginners) and The Telenovela Method where I cover how to use popular media like movies, music, and books to learn Spanish. Additionally you can check out the front page for a more complete list of my best and most popular posts.



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