You know how much I love using children’s learning materials to help people learn Spanish–I do this because these two groups of people, children that are native speakers and adults learning Spanish as a 2nd language, are frequently at about the same skill level and consequently learning material designed for one often works well for the other.

I just wanted to let you know that Spanish Playground just put up a blog post that I love because it combines using music and lyrics like I do with my Shakira posts with the children’s learning material aspect and uses a common Spanish children’s song called ¡Arriba Juan! to teach you some Spanish.  Very cool, definitely recommend you check it out.

Also, I know I haven’t been active much this summer, I’ve had some business I needed to take care of, I will be doing a LOT with this blog in the coming months, more posts, more frequent posts, and a redesign, and I might be taking on a couple of writers to help out with generating awesome content for you guys, we’ll see.  Stay tuned 🙂



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