What do you get immediately?

My 5-part “Getting Started Learning Spanish” Series that’ll kick-start your Spanish-learning journey with tons of free online resources and simple, clear advice on how to use them.  You’ll get the first part immediately plus my list of the Top 10 Free Online Spanish Learning Resources.  Each day after that will come the next part in the series (gives you time to digest and, most importantly, apply what you’ve learned).

What do you get as soon as I can give it to you?

  • Discounts on tons of language-learning products.  Because I’m a well-known blogger in the Spanish/Language-learning industry, I’m constantly asked to promote this or that product to my email list and on my site.  If it’s good enough and I can work out a good deal (read: discount) for my readers, I’ll do it, and you’ll hear about it immediately.
  • New blog posts and articles that I write on how to learn Spanish or languages in general.  Some of these will be exclusively for my email list.
  • Any news or reviews about free resources that I think might help you.

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