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Hi, I’m Andrew Tracey, and hablo español bastante bien (“I speak Spanish rather well”), “rather well” meaning high-B2/low-C1 on the CEFR scale (depends on how good a day I’m having and if I’m hung over or sleep-deprived), for those familiar.  I’ve been learning languages since I was twelve years old, Spanish for about the past nine years, I used it for three months when I lived in Spain (Zaragoza), and I’ve been writing about learning languages for the past eight years, including a bestselling book currently in its 2nd edition.  And let me tell you something, the way you get to success is…

Fail.  A lot.

After failing on five separate occasions to learn a language to fluency (French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Japanese), I went from zero to conversational fluency in Spanish (2nd attempt!) in six months.  I failed my way to success.  I tried everything that didn’t work–textbooks, home study courses, classes in highschool and university (any of this sound familiar?)–until I found something that did.  I used the rather unconventional (but fun and effective!) method of learning Spanish from popular media like movies, TV shows, songs, books, and even comics (Garfield, my favorite! yes, it’s available in Spanish!).  I even wrote a whole book about it called The Telenovela Method (check it out here on Amazon), which is currently in its second edition (just came out March 2017) and the paperback was the #1 new release in the Spanish Language Instruction section on Amazon for a whole month after it premiered (see photo on left).

So how can I help you?

Let me tell you about an email I sent out recently that really pissed some people off…

It was entitled: “Native speakers are NOT good at teaching their own language”.  Now, if you had read the article you would’ve seen that I was clearly saying that just because someone was a native speaker didn’t necessarily mean they were any good at actually teaching the language (e.g. merely being a native English speaker doesn’t make you any good at teaching English).  However, some people misinterpreted it to mean that I was saying that if someone was a native speaker then that automatically meant they couldn’t teach their own language regardless of whatever training or experience they had in doing so.  I got angry
emails.  The words “extremely offended” were used a couple of times.  Several people unsubscribed.  Smiles were turned upside down, monocles fell into cups of tea, a few women may have even fainted.

The upside to this, though, was that when I promptly sent out another email apologizing and explaining, I was inundated with far more emails
than I initially received, telling me that they understood perfectly well what I meant the first time around (making me suspect most of the “offended” people merely read the title but not the article) and relaying to me many of their own experiences with native speakers who couldn’t teach their own language.  My point here is this: typically the best person to teach you a language is either a native speaker who has extensive experience teaching their own language, or someone who didn’t speak the language natively and had to learn it themselves as an adult from scratch, someone who was in precisely the position you’re in now.  I’m the latter.  I know what questions and problems you’ll have, how they can be answered and fixed, what resources and techniques will help you and which are a waste of your time.  I’ve learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t.  I’ve done what you want to do, let me help you.

You can read more about me and my current projects on my “About Me” page if you’re interested but right now let’s talk about what I can do to help you learn to speak Spanish (and sound just like a native!).  I have a blog, which you can check out just by clicking the tab that says “Blog” at the top of any page, but more importantly I have a whole email series designed for beginning Spanish students that is the product of years of work, not just in teaching myself Spanish but in teaching it to other people and teaching them how to learn it on their own using my methods.

What do you get immediately?

My 5-part “Getting Started Learning Spanish” Series that’ll kick-start your Spanish-learning journey with tons of free online resources and simple, clear advice on how to use them.  You’ll get the first part immediately plus my list of the Top 10 Free Online Spanish Learning Resources.  Each day after that will come the next part in the series (gives you time to digest and, most importantly, apply what you’ve learned).

What do you get as soon as I can give it to you?

  • Discounts on tons of language-learning products.  Because I’m a well-known blogger in the Spanish/Language-learning industry, I’m constantly asked to promote this or that product to my email list and on my site.  If it’s good enough and I can work out a good deal (read: discount) for my readers, I’ll do it, and you’ll hear about it immediately.
  • New blog posts and articles that I write on how to learn Spanish or languages in general.  Some of these will be exclusively for my email list.
  • Any news or reviews about free resources that I think might help you.

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