Spanish MOOC is a supplementary beginner’s Spanish course that I’m really impressed with, especially given that it’s completely free.

It’s centered around popular Spanish-language YouTube videos like music videos from Shakira and Juanes, and the interface they use (courtesy of Instreamia, an online language-learning platform) is excellent.  The primary strength I see in it is in improving listening comprehension.  You watch a video while simultaneously filling in the blanks in the subtitles provided, each sentence will have one word missing which you must select from 5 choices at the bottom.  Click the images below to see larger versions if you have trouble seeing them.

learn spanish course jaunes telenovela method

With a Juanes music video.

learn spanish alphabet telenovela method

With a basic video on the Spanish alphabet.

There aren’t really any lessons per se, so this won’t work as a comprehensive Spanish course that can be used on its own with nothing else to help you, it supplements whatever Spanish course(s) you might be using already (if you choose to use one, and as I’ve said before you don’t have to).

I didn’t see any grammar lessons but they do offer what looks like (I don’t know, I couldn’t test it) a superb flashcard system for reviewing vocabulary.  It automatically puts words in the deck for later review that you had trouble with (I believe you can also manually add them).  You’re given this lovely interface to work with that shows all your words…

learn spanish vocabulary telenovela method

…and which, when you click on a word and then click the symbol telling it to expand it, you get a more complete definition along with example sentences plus the original context that you learned it in (e.g. a music video):

learn spanish with spanish mooc

Vocab 2

Regrettably, I was unable to test the flashcard system as it didn’t work for me, I just got this page indefinitely:

errorTry it for yourself, odds are it’s a browser/plugin-specific issue and it’ll work for you.  Let us  know in the comments how you fair.

Again, you can go to their website here, at

Other than the problem with the flashcards I’d say this is a really good system, especially since it doesn’t cost you anything.  I’m particularly impressed with the learning interface around the videos, that alone justifies using it, I’m not even bothered that much about the flashcards.

I hope that was interesting, let me know what you think in the comments (and would like me to write about in the future), also...  If you thought the above was at all useful and you want to learn (or are learning) Spanish, please give me a chance and read what I have to say about my book below!  Thank you so much for checking out my blog and I hope you've enjoyed my writing.

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